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Chromatic Mobile Health Technologies Pvt Ltd (CMHT) is the commercial arm of Thengana Medical Mission Hospital Research Centre(TMMHRC) which commercialises applications in mHealth. TMMHRC, located in the picturesque hamlet called Kerala in Southern India has ever since its inception in 1997 given particular attention to strengthening its channels of communication with universities with the objective of ensuring exchange of information, sharing of know-how and collaborations. CMHT has an ongoing R&D with University of Liverpool to exploit the use of Chromatic Technology.  

THE CENTRE FOR INTELLIGENT MONITORING SYSTEMS (CIMS) was established at the University of Liverpool by Prof.Gordon Jones over a decade ago for researching the applications of Chromatic Techniques for monitoring complex conditions. CIMS has successfully transferred much technology to the business and industrial sectors.

What We Do 

With a clear ambition of reducing cost of healthcare CMHT  integrates Chromatic technology to mHealth which is aimed to improve quality, safety and optimize efficiency of preliminary diagnosis of diseases.   

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Original Research product of a JV between Chromatic Mobile Health Technologies Pvt Ltd, India  & a leading University in UK. 



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