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clikJaundice is a non invasive technology developed by JV between CMHT, India & leading University in UK to monitor Newborn Jaundice. Design patented accessory is used along with mobile phone to capture required images from specified tissues sites of the baby. The image is processed in a central server & results are returned immediately based on which Doctors and parents can take appropriate decisions. 



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Introducing Chromatic technology in mHealth

Although many mobile technology solutions are available in Healthcare, integrating advanced Chromatic technology with mHealth as in 'clikJaunice', are rare in the market.  

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Original Research product of a JV between Chromatic Mobile Health Technologies Pvt Ltd, India  & a leading University in UK. 



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Mobile phone penetration in rural areas increased across the country, 'clikJaundice' enables people to take image of his/her own baby's specific tissue images by using a specially designed accessory that is attached to the mobile phone and upload to the network. At the hub it is analysed  using scientifically proven Chromatic Technology and results are sent back to the same  phone. This enables common man to monitor jaundice whether it is dangerously increasing so as to visit the hospital or decreasing day by day so as to reduce hospital visits.  Also empowers him/her to take apropriate action for his/her baby's condition & ultimately reduce cost... 

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